The Radcliffe Foundation was established in 1997, by Canadian businessman and philanthropist Frank Giustra. The Radcliffe Foundation supports a wide variety of international and local causes, focusing on children, education, economic development and homelessness. In 2007, Mr. Giustra and former President Bill Clinton launched the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership, with the mandate of creating social and economic development programs through impact investing, in parts of the world where poverty is widespread. Since 2005, the Radcliffe Foundation has been an active supporter of the International Crisis Group, a widely recognized independent, non-partisan source of analysis and advice to policymakers on the prevention and resolution of deadly conflict. Mr. Giustra is a founding patron and active mentor of the Boy's Club Network, an at-risk youth mentoring support group in Vancouver, Canada. The Radcliffe Foundation was an inaugural supporter of Streetohome; the first broad community-based initiative which brings together stakeholders from business, non-profits, governments and citizens, in order to effectively address homelessness in Vancouver. Most recently, the Radcliffe Foundation has actively responded to the on-going refugee crisis by providing humanitarian aid to refugees in Greece and Turkey. The Radcliffe Foundation has been dedicated to improving livelihoods worldwide for almost two decades.




This is the greatest humanitarian catastrophe of our generation, of extraordinary proportions. Join me. Make a difference. It can be done.
— Frank Giustra, President, The Radcliffe Foundation.

In December 2015, only three months after Frank Giustra first witnessed the situation of refugees in the Greek Island of Lesbos, the Radcliffe Foundation in partnership with the International Rescue Committee, made a significant donation to build a Reception Centre in Apanemo to help the thousands of refugee families who are landing daily by treacherous waters to Lesbos as they flee the conflict in Syria. The Reception Centre provides basic survival goods such as food, clothes, blankets and medical treatment. In addition, refugees are being assisted with essential information about available services on the island and beyond. The Radcliffe Foundation is also working with the Emergency Response Centre International (ERCI) to enhance the capacity of the search and rescue operations to assist those fleeing the conflict by treacherous waters. Children are drowning daily from this journey. And, in partnership with concerned citizens, along with coordination efforts by the University of Izmir, The Radcliffe Foundation Refugee Crisis Fund will provide provisions of basic survival needs to approximately 1000 refugees – children and families - who are living in desolate conditions in informal camps in Torbali, a district within the Izmir Province of Turkey. The fact is that many of the 3 million refugees in Turkey are living without access to the most basic services including clean water, food, clothes, blankets, tents and access to toilets and showers. 

Join us and donate what you can to The Radcliffe Foundation Refugee Crisis Fund held by the Vancouver Foundation. We can make a difference to the lives of children and families fleeing war. With hope and humanity, it can be done.

If you could see what I saw, your heart would break, and you too would want to help.”
— Frank Giustra, President, The Radcliffe Foundation.

The Syrian war, now entering its sixth year, has forced an estimated 11.2 million Syrians to flee their homes for safety. More than 4.7 million of these innocent civilians have sought refuge in neighboring countries, and during 2015 more than 1 million have made dangerous journeys to Europe.